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    These People Have Changed Their Lives

    It sometimes surprised me how little Lucky needed of me to be able to give good advice. His intuitive way of working and his clarifying explanations helped me.


    On my opinion, what I think was interesting about Lucky was his total honesty about the way he can help me. His unconditional acceptance of who I was at the beginning of our talk was very surprising. This was not my expectation. I have learned about standing on my own truth.

    I thought he will make everything change in a second. Instead he teach me how to change things the way I want by myself.

    Catherine Brown

    When I lost my job and my girlfriend, I was feeling down, powerless and frustrated. I had some chats & counseling with Lucky about this. All though I don’t get back my job or girlfriend, something did change, my attitude. Lucky showed me how the patterns inside me where functioning and how they where holding me back and gave me method to work on this.

    Nellie Gibson

    Lucky suggested some “mental” exercise and we have been meditating as a part of my healing.

    I feel a lot happier and have an improved mental and physical outlook on my life now and I always look forward to my weekly session.”

    Jack Hayes

    Five Steps to Your Success

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    The first step on the stairway to Self-discovery is to define who we are.

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    I will provide you the baseline of your mental ability. This stage of mind is generally defined as a place of ideal perfection in all aspects of existence.

    I will Analyze Your Profile

    I will guide you to determine the materials needed to assemble your inner-self.

    Apply Changes

    Once the elements for Self-discovery have been identified, the next step is to establish basic working principles to use as tools to create the needed materials for your objective.

    Your New Life

    You will be able to observe and comprehend yourselves daily. Changing your life will be possible because of your direct observation of the whole sum of subjective factors that you carry within.

    Don’t waste your happiness, because someone else will catch it