Self Development

We need to know ourselves before being capable of knowing others

Relate yourself with the planetary body

Live on the planet Earth

Review the relationship with Yourself

Spirituality used to be seeing as a sciences for people with high distinction. Now I am bringing you the key to unlock your soul in a very basic way.

Believe  in your hands can stop evil in any of its forms. Believe can cure illnesses. All of Humanities problems will  be solve if we start by Believing in  ourselves and the inner potential.
One of the most crucial  frontier Humanity faces is ignorance. You can overcome this through  meditation.

People study with the purpose of obtaining a job and earning their living. Later, if they are lucky they get their desired job. If they become professionals,doctors, lawyers, etc., they will only repeat the same story as always.They die without awakening Conscience, without having Conscience of their own life.

Many people accumulate skills because of fear, they are afraid of life, death,hunger, misery, to “what people will say”, and for this reason they study.
We need to be sincere with ourselves in order to observe and discover in ourselves all the processes of fear. In life we should never forget that fear has many phases. Sometimes fear is confused with courage.

Soldiers on the battlefield seems to be very brave but in reality they move and fight due to fear. A person who commits suicide seems at first sight to be very brave, but in reality he is a coward who is afraid on life.

Husbands and wives should always feel as if they were recently married, forgetting the past and happily living the present.
Many Relationship could be truly happy but unfortunately they are not, due to old resentments accumulated in their memories. If we really want to understand we would listen to our heart and a good spiritual guides.

It is normal that not all people achieve intimate Self-Realization We know very well that the intimate Self-Realization of our Being demands continuity of purpose. Therefore, it is not strange that only very few people can attain the profound inner Self-Realization, since it is very difficult to find someone with a permanent center of gravity.

All I am saying, is give dream and hope  a chance so Humanity can have a better existence. First believe, then work toward the belief.

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